Yavuz Uyanık Attorney Partnership

Yavuz Uyanık Attorney Partnership, a well-established law firm providing services in all areas of law, provides the highest quality legal services to its domestic and international clients during their stay in Turkey. Specializing in insurance, litigation, criminal law and employment law, Yavuz Uyanık Attorney Partnership is one of the leading law firms in the field of disputes.

Thanks to our extensive network throughout Turkey, we provide excellent service in all kinds of legal disputes. We have more than 80 lawyers fluent in different languages, more than 100 employees and more than 250 national representatives, which allows us to operate successfully internationally.

We offer solutions to all legal disputes from a market-appropriate, commercial and innovative perspective. Our clients can be confident that their legal disputes will be resolved by Yavuz Uyanık Attorney Partnership with a meticulous and solution-oriented approach. The number of clients with whom we have maintained a long-standing relationship is a testament to the value our law firm places on client relationships.

Given the prestige of our firm in Istanbul and nationally, we have some of the best lawyers in Turkey. We continue to provide services in all areas of law, with lawyers who are truly passionate about their work, who are at the forefront of legislation and market change, and who constantly strive to provide the best legal service.


Founded in 2005 by founding partners Mehmet Selim Yavuz and Murat Uyanık, our attorney partnership, which started out as a boutique law firm with litigation in the fields of Commercial and Labor Law, has undergone a significant transformation over the years and expanded with Çetin Mert Yavuz joining us as a senior partner in 2012.


In 2010, our merger with an Ankara-based law firm practicing in the fields of Tax and Administrative Law was the next step towards expanding our attorney partnership's area of expertise.


In 2012, Çetin Mert Yavuz joined our attorney partnership as a senior partner leading the Corporate Law, Contracts and Mergers & Acquisitions Department after many years as legal counsel at the Turkish Football Federation. Today, our advisory team consists of highly experienced lawyers and consultants, many of whom have worked in international firms.


In 2015, Yavuz Uyanık Attorney Partnership and our Intellectual Property Department were established.


Can Hasan Yılgür, who has significant experience in insurance law, joined our attorney partnership in 2012 and became a partner in 2018.