Can Cyrpto Monetary Assets Be A Subject Of Execution Proceedings

*Av. Kaan Ayten **Stj. Zeynep Uysal Money is one of the most common instruments that is permitted for the purchase of goods and services, fulfilling any acts and specifying the residual value. A symbol of the residual value became necessary in exchange by increasing the residual value’s accumulation in history and with the needs between […]

Usage of Social Media of Employee and Cyber Loafing

Social media has become one of the main communication tools used by different generations. One of the fundamental reasons behind the power of social media and its prevalence, is its ability to reach a much more people than the people with whom they usually interact. However, posts shared through social media may lead to legal […]

Legal Analysis on NFTs

Att. İrem Özbay  “Code is new art&code is new money” It is a recent term rapidly entered in our lives with its arising popularity: NFT. The abbreviation means Non-Fungible Token, in other words, “non-fungible crypto asset”. We may define NFT as unique and single crypto asset that is bounded to an existing crypto money unit’s […]