Criminal Law and Litigation

Our Criminal Law team consists of competent and experienced lawyers; It provides legal consultancy and litigation services to our domestic and international clients operating in a wide range of fields such as textile, construction, automobile, energy, transportation, food and beverage, manufacturing, banking, finance and information technology.

With the experience we have gained in criminal law practice over the years, we provide uninterrupted support to our clients in all criminal procedures, from the beginning of the investigation phase to the end of the appeal process. Our team has been involved in many cases that have become symbols in our country, followed closely by the public, and have represented our clients in the best way and achieved outstanding success.

In this context, we regularly provide legal services to our clients within the scope of organized crimes, white collar crimes, criminal responsibilities arising from company management, economic crimes, cyber-crimes, especially “man in the middle attacks”, fraud, tax evasion crimes, and international investigations.